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On our service model

At tff Consulting we provide high-impact business answers by delivering a quality professional service, deploying robust solutions and a genuine interest in our clients.

For this reason, the way in which our services are given is particularly relevant:

  • We believe in the necessity of forming a team with our clients during the whole process, in order to create better and more adapted solutions, to facilitate their implementation and to upgrade the capabilities already existing within the organisation.
  • We are convinced that, before giving any recommendation or advice to our clients, we should have won the right to do so by a comprehensive understanding of the subject and by giving special attention to the unique aspects of the client's business and organisation.
  • Consequently, we believe that experience is an extremely valuable asset. And we therefore have an integrated team of professionals with considerable management consulting and in-company experience, trained in the main business schools (IESE, ESADE, etc.) and who allow us to match the particular necessities of each client. This also allows us to build confidence and give value to our clients rapidly.
  • We are also convinced that to achieve true progress, it is important to view things under new and different perspectives. We therefore, identify and challenge our own and our clients' preconceptions or assumptions.
  • With this in mind, we have learnt that it is extremely useful to move from the so-called "wishful thinking" to the "fact-based" consulting approach. This implies using objective facts and data as a key element in the diagnosis and the process of reaching consensus on the current situation as well as for the definition of solutions that will really work for the client.
On the methodologies used

We develop rigorous methodological approaches, tailored to each company and situation, which provide tangible and action-oriented results.

Our experience has shown us that, even within the same sector and market, all companies have their own features, challenges and opportunities. Therefore, there is no standard model, solution or single methodology that fit all of them.

To address this reality we believe that it is vital to identify and assess these differences and integrate them into the decision process, when appropriate.

Our methodological approaches are based on and strengthened by the integration of proven experience and sound creativity, properly balanced and channeled through a rigorous work process and analysis-synthesis techniques.

We apply this way of working throughout the whole collaboration with our clients and, in particular, during...

  • ...the setting-up of methodology,
  • ...the identification and validation of hypothesis in the diagnosis,
  • ...the identification and evaluation of action alternatives,
  • ...the choice and development of recommended options,
  • ...and the accompaniment during its implementation and subsequent follow-up.
On work teams

We believe that the composition of work teams is a key factor for the success of any relevant initiative, therefore:

  • We integrate and align the client's own organisation, their collaborators and our own within work teams, with different approaches and dedications, sharing clear and agreed objectives, a roadmap and methodologies.
  • We adapt the composition of teams during the initiative based on the skills and supports required at any given time, or that need to be strengthened for later use.

Consequently we achieve that our clients' initiatives are accomplished, that deadlines are met and that the resources employed are optimised and adapted to the circumstances of each company.

In this sense tff Consulting is an open organisation, with privileged access to a network of experts in different business situations, functional areas and industries that may join the work teams in a momentary or continuous fashion, as required.

On the interests of our clients

Our guiding principles in this area are:

Independence of judgement: tff Consulting is an independent firm without prescribing relationships with third parties grounded on economic interests, which means that our solutions and recommendations respond exclusively to the needs and interests of our clients.

Honesty, transparency and conflicts of interest: we will reject any engagement in which we consider we cannot guarantee success, for any reason such as work-burden, available expertise, internal client politics, current or anticipated conflicts of interest, etc.

By accepting an engagement we are convinced that we can fully meet client expectations.

On rare occasions tension may arise between our clients' and firm’s legitimate interests in relation to the nature and/or scope of the collaboration or the services provided to current or potential direct competitors. In this case we put our clients' interests first.

We are therefore ready to include an unconditional satisfaction guarantee in our projects and the possibility of short-notice unilateral termination by clients in continuous advices.

In any case, to minimise misalignments, we follow a policy of open communication and periodical evaluation throughout our engagements.

Confidentiality: we take confidentiality with our clients extremely seriously. We will not disclose the nature of any collaboration without prior consent and we implement robust security measures to protect information access and integrity.