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Joan Fradera Alonso
Managing Partner
Picture of Joan Fradera Alonso

Joan is a consultant and executive focused on the profitable and sustainable progress of businesses. He brings a well-rounded company understanding and expertise in commercial, innovation and crisis-overcoming fields.

Throughout his more than 25 year career he has had the opportunity to advise very different types of clients[*] from diverse sectors, predominantly consumer goods / retail and industrial / technology.

Prior to the founding of our firm, Joan gained professional experience in strategy and organisation practices at Accenture and Ernst & Young Consulting, with special emphasis on the commercial field of sales and marketing.

He also managed the Barcelona business unit of Research International (now TNS, WPP), dedicated to ad hoc market research, for almost a decade and that he boosted and specialised in product and service innovation.

Joan also led the new products department as well as several international development and consolidation initiatives at JoyCo (now Wrigley / Mars), and entrenched experience in the areas of corporate governance, family business, finance and controlling.

He has contributed in numerous issues in publications[**] such as Aral, Actualidad Económica, Farmespaña, Investiga and Más Que Marketing.

Born in Barcelona, Joan is a graduate in Engineering from the UPC and has an MBA from the IESE Business School.

[*] Some clients that Joan has had the opportunity to advise:

Logo of Access ETT Logo of Affinity Petcare Logo of Agència de Residus de Catalunya Logo of Agora Europe Logo of Aguilar y Salas Logo of Air Liquide Logo of Akzo Nobel
Logo of ALPIQ Logo of Altadis Logo of Aludyne Logo of Antenna International Logo of Aritex Logo of Arkas Logo of Arvato/Todisa (Bertelsmann Group)
Logo of Autocares Font Logo of Autoliv Logo of Bacardi Logo of Bayer Logo of Buzz Marketing Networks Logo of Cadbury / Adams (Mondelez International) Logo of Cámara Navarra de Comercio e Industria
Logo of CCA International Logo of Chemence Logo of Combined Insurance Logo of Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Girona Logo of Computer Associates Technologies Logo of Condis Logo of COPISA Group
Logo of Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals Logo of CSI (Closure Systems International) Logo of Danone Group Logo of Dayax Logo of De'Longhi Group Logo of Laboratorios Diafarm Logo of Diari de Tarragona
Logo of Doc6 Logo of Dogi Logo of EET Europarts Logo of Es Fangar Logo of Esteve Logo of Excedo Logo of Expo-Rigging
Logo of Fepre Logo of Ferrero Logo of Ferroberica Logo of Figueras International Seating Logo of Formentor Logo of Freixenet Logo of Frito Lay (Pepsico)
Logo of Future Pipe Industries Logo of Gallina Blanca Foodservice Logo of Comercial Gallo Logo of Gate Gourmet Logo of General Electric Logo of Gescobro Logo of Granini (Eckes Granini Group)
Logo of Gunnebo Logo of Hansen & Cawley Logo of Henkel Logo of Hexpol Grpup Logo of Johnson & Johnson Logo of Kraft Heinz Logo of Groupe LDLC
Logo of Laboratorios LEO Pharma Logo of LetGo Logo of Mahou-San Miguel Group Logo of Marposs Group Logo of Mecalux Logismarket Logo of Mercolleida Logo of Metalco Prolians (Descours & Cabaud Group)
Logo of Motherson Sintermetal Products Logo of Nestlé Logo of Newell Brands Logo of Nike Logo of Niro Ceramic Logo of NuCom Logo of Nutrexpa Group
Logo of Olympus Logo of Open Groupe Logo of Conservas Ortiz Logo of Pfizer Logo of Planeta Group Logo of Prenatal Logo of Promax
Logo of Antonio Puig Group Logo of Raytheon Professional Services Logo of Reckitt Benckiser Logo of Reig Capital Group Logo of Roberlo Group / Dexia System Logo of Roche Logo of RPC
Logo of Sara Lee Logo of Schlegel Group Logo of Scholl Shoes Logo of Segezha Packaging Logo of SEITSA Logo of Serpelsa Furs Logo of Seur
Logo of SGE Quality Services Logo of Siemens Logo of La Sirena Logo of SMRC Automotive Logo of Softonic Logo of STEN Logo of Suminco
Logo of Swiss Post Solutions Logo of Syncotech Logo of Telstar (Azbil Group) Logo of The Mail Company Logo of TI Fluid Systems Logo of Tradisa Logo of UBI Banca
Logo of Uniaudit Oliver Camps Logo of Unilever Logo of UniPost Logo of UPM Raflatac Logo of Vibracoustic Logo of Grupo Zeta Logo of ZF

[**] Some publications in which Joan has contributed:

200512InvestigaEntrevistaPDF document icon
20059FarmespañaSe está produciendo un acercamiento entre el sector healthcare y el de gran consumo (entrevista)PDF document icon
20057Más que MarketingEntrevistaPDF document icon
20042FarmespañaEl valor de la marca en el sector farmacéutico: de medicamentos a marcasPDF document icon
20003AralAceites: combinando la inestabilidad y la competitividadPDF document icon
20001Actualidad EconómicaNo sé si lanzarme a vender con marca blanca: aproveche para negociar otros aspectosPDF document icon
199911AralSnacks y frutos secos: liderazgo dinamizadorPDF document icon
199910AralVinos: algunas oportunidades estratégicasPDF document icon
19999AralLa contribución de la internacionalización de las empresas transformadoras de arroz en las actividades de innovación en productosPDF document icon
19996AralLos helados y la transformación estructural de su mercadoPDF document icon
19995AralRefrescos: globales y concentradosPDF document icon
19994AralMermeladas: un mercado en madurezPDF document icon
19993AralLeche líquida: un largo proceso de reconversiónPDF document icon
19992AralProductos dietéticos: un lento avancePDF document icon
199812AralGalletas: un sector a dos ritmosPDF document icon
199811AralOportunidades del cava en el mercado domésticoPDF document icon
199810AralInnovar en el mercado del turrónPDF document icon
19989AralDiferenciación en el mercado del caféPDF document icon
19987AralLicores de baja graduación: el desarrollo de competencias clavePDF document icon
19986AralAguas envasadas: la ruptura de una espiralPDF document icon
19985AralCongelados: innovación incrementalPDF document icon
19984AralCervezas: dinamismo transformadorPDF document icon
19983AralAlimentación infantil: batalla por el posicionamientoPDF document icon
19982AralCondimentos y salsas: mercados en evoluciónPDF document icon
19981AralChocolates y derivados del cacao: más de una forma de hacer negocioPDF document icon