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What do our clients say about tff Consulting?

"We got in touch with tff Consulting for an analysis of the Softonic strategic and organisational model due to significant changes in our competitive environment. On a very tight schedule and showing great ability in working closely with our teams, they contributed clear conclusions and recommendations which were supported by a profound and thorough analysis. I believe that the choice of tff Consulting was spot on and I would count on them again if necessary." Emilio Moreno Gómez, COO y Executive VicePresident, Softonic
"We have worked together in some family business boards and I have noticed that his contributions are always preceded by a thorough analysis. He is effective and seeks consensus on a realistic basis." Celestí Alcaraz Cuadrado, Board Member
"To reinforce the competitiveness of Azbil Telstar, we commissioned tff Consulting to conduct a study on the temporal organisation of work that would allow us to maximise the utilisation of available human and material resources while improving the service provided external and internally. It was a project that required tff Consulting to obtain broad and deep knowledge of our company’s needs, organisation, operations and its different areas.…" Sergi Escorihuela Ribas, Operations Unit Manager, Azbil Telstar
"…After developing the analysis model and having interpreted and processed a huge amount of information, the results provided us with important conclusions. Throughout the process tff Consulting's performance was very professional. They showed high involvement, an ability to understand our business and solid technical expertise and project management." Sergi Escorihuela Ribas, Operations Unit Manager, Azbil Telstar
"We got to know tff Consulting on the recommendation of another company, and we assigned them an economic analysis and diagnosis of our group of companies. From an initial starting point of unfamiliarity with our situation, they did an outstanding job in record time. The interest and dedication shown were excellent at all times and they were extremely professional in dealing with fairly complex issues. We would definitely recommend tff Consulting services as professionals with extensive knowledge and strong competence in business." José Seger Segura, Managing Director, NuCom Group
"We commissioned tff Consulting to perform an independent analysis for restructuring our business in Spain. They showed excellent knowledge of how to approach the issue and worked diligently with our project team. Their report was clear, concise and conclusive and was delivered on time and to budget. The project language was a key concern of ours as not all our team were native Spanish speakers, however, tff Consulting worked comfortably in English.…" Richard Swan, CFO, Schlegel International
"…The consulting firm participated alongside management in the meeting held with the union personnel (internal and external) and presented the strategic case which was clearly conveyed. We would recommend tff Consulting. Their work was very professional and we found them very easy to work with." Richard Swan, CFO, Schlegel International
"Following the merge of EET and Europarts, we requested tff Consulting to analyse our commercial incentives system. I would emphasise their thoroughness in this project and the value of their contributions." Miguel Cervera Andersen, CEO, EET Europarts Spain
"We contracted the services of tff Consulting for a technical and economic feasibility study and a diagnostics of the situation. The results were completely satisfactory, emphasising their involvement and proximity during the study, rigor and seriousness in addressing the different parameters and data to be analysed, compliance with deadlines and empathy to understand our business and environment." Jesús Arribas, Site Manager, Autoliv KLE
"We chose tff Consulting to synthesise and systematise different information relating to our sales activity. The result was excellent and was also developed in a pragmatic, rigorous and intense way. Throughout the process tff Consulting showed great experience, and were both friendly and very professional." Manuel Molina, Finance & Business Services Director Spain & Portugal, LEO Pharma
"We chose tff Consulting for an analysis and diagnosis of Gunnebo Spain’s situation and of its working time organisation model.The study results were conclusive and action-oriented, which helped us to enhance the company’s service and efficiency levels and, ultimately, to strengthen client acquisition and loyalty, improving the profitability of the business as a whole.…" Martina Bote, Human Resources Director South Europe, Gunnebo
"…I would recommend tff Consulting for -among other things- their wide and in depth company vision, for their ability to identify the key issues and for their full involvement in the projects." Martina Bote, Human Resources Director South Europe, Gunnebo
"We contacted tff Consulting and requested a financial analysis of our group, which was carried out in a very thorough way and in a tight time-frame. At all times tff Consulting team showed great professionalism and experience in analysing our sector and its peculiarities. I would definitely recommend tff Consulting’s professional services for their great commitment, speed and effectiveness in the projects entrusted to them." Joan Inés Conde, Corporate Services Director, STEN
"We entrusted tff Consulting with a situation diagnosis and potential viability strategies. The work was conducted in a professional and fully satisfactory manner. I would definitely recommend tff Consulting for their ability to understand and fit in with our business environment, for demonstrating a methodical and objective analysis and for their willingness and flexibility during the execution." Automotive supplier company
"tff Consulting was commissioned to carry out a strategic and organisational analysis of Combined Insurance’s Spanish subsidiary, as well as an assessment of its viability, including the identification and evaluation of potential scenarios and alternatives for the future. Even though our expectations for tff Consulting were high (due to the references we had received and the meetings held with them), we were pleased to see how these expectations were greatly overcome.…" Carlos Seguín Sánchez, Interim HR Manager, Combined Insurance Spain
"…In this sense, I would highlight their ability for a quick understanding of the peculiarities of the company and the group, the thoroughness of their analysis, their complementary skills and refreshing outlooks and, in general, their professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with them." Carlos Seguín Sánchez, Interim HR Manager, Combined Insurance Spain
"We asked tff Consulting to conduct a viability analysis of the Spanish subsidiary of ZF Boge Elasmetall. We were very pleased with the tremendous work that was both thorough and comprehensive, and that resulted in clear, practical and specific recommendations. Additionally, they were very easy to deal with and quick to understand the nature of the company and its industry." Pedro Gual Marfá, CFO, ZF Boge Elasmetall España